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This is an RP blog for Bette Kane, known as Flamebird, former Teen Titan, current partner of Batwoman.

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Bette heard the words again in her sleep, this time more insistent, more demanding. She had to choose between the three of them.

Whether it was her own mind that substituted the people, or the dream herself, she couldn’t be sure - that was indeed the downside of being able to lucidly dream, was sometimes the dreams lost their magic from her own mind’s interference - it was impossible to tell if she was reasoning it out, or G-d or something else was trying to tell her.


Choose between the three of them.  The three that caused this.

GUTS: the Green Lantern you’re so fond of, run off and irrational, lost in the world.

HEART: the Tamaranian daughter-not-daughter of your true love, lost in her direction.

BRAIN: the brilliant cousin now burning with fever and speaking nonsense, lost in his mind.


I can’t.


NO! How can I choose? We need them all…


"Bruce!" she cries out, waking herself up in the process, and her cousin laying next to her.

"What the hell? You okay?" Kate sits up, blinking at her.

Bette rolls over, turning her back to her, hiding her face as she wipes away tears. “Sorry, Kate…nightmare. Go back to sleep. Sorry…” she explains, managing to keep her voice level.

She hears her cousin grunt an acknowledgement and settle back down, and tries to stop her mind from racing, and ignore the stab of guilt for making a choice.

There’s no sound of crickets outside…

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~ guts, heart or brain? ~

We’re going to need all three to get out of this…we’re going to have to work together, all of us.

We’re far more than just our powers and gadgets.




The pool wasn’t too large.  It didn’t take long to find him.  “Come on, Fierce Eyes” the knight said to Damian.  “We have to get out of here.  And we have to prepare for an unknown enemy.  This situation must be the bloody beginning of an attack.”  Jason looked around where the boy had been and did not see a halberd.  “Ah, did you happen to bring my battle axes with you?”

Perhaps Damian would have resisted otherwise, but he rather liked Blood’s name for him.  He was fierce, after all, and he fancied the idea that his ferocity was evident in his eyes.  That a potential attack was nigh sounded reasonable, too.  He ran a few steps to walk ahead of Blood and glared at everyone who looked upon just to emphasize how fierce his eyes truly were.

But his childish vanity was fleeting, and his thoughts turned to his father and Grayson once more.  He had to ensure their safety, he told himself.  “I must find Father and Grayson. Grayson! Father!” his voice rang out, echoing from the pool tiles as he reached the far end.  Blood was large enough to herd him by continuing to move forward, however.  Damian endeavored to peer around him and identify the commotion in the opposite head of the pool, but Blood’s hands extended as he walked, shepherding the boy along. 

"I don’t have your weapons," he answered when they were on solid ground, both pausing to observe the little square houses and surrounding woods.  “My father confiscated them.  He likes to seize things I enjoy. Dearden, shutup,” he hissed as he passed her, purposely clipping her hip with his shoulder.  He halted in front of the camp’s information board and read it with arms folded.

"Mountain lions!" he exclaimed when the notice caught his eyes, and looked up at Blood mournfully. “A cruel twist of fortune that we’re both without our steel."


Dick was scattered.  Damian looked unhurt and Jason Blood was with him.  He’d be fine.  Steph was handling Kyle, Cass was in her corner, but safe, Kate Kane was over with—

Oh god, Bruce.

But Guy and Kate Spencer were there, helping him.  They had it under control, it looked like.  He vaguely heard Mia tell everyone to get out of the pool and then something about lost powers?

That’s what they needed.

Family accounted for, Dick shook his head to focus and started to head out of the pool.  Maybe everyone else was safe back home, away from all this.  If nothing else, maybe she’d be home safe—

No.  She was here, too.


She looked terrified.  He’d never seen her with such confusion and worry, and something inside of him twisted.  He followed Ollie when he crouched beside her, next to something — someone — on the ground.

Oh, J’onn.

Dick remembered the first time he’d seen J’onn’s true form, when he was just a kid.  That couldn’t be helping Bette with the confusion they all felt already.

Dick jogged over to Bette, catching the end of Ollie’s call for extra clothing to keep J’onn warm.  ”Here, take mine.  It might help.”  He shrugged off his old uniform jacket and handed it to Ollie, glad to have had it on when whatever had happened happened.

He turned back to Bette, looking her over for injuries.  His hand squeezed her shoulder in an automatic gesture of comfort.  ”Bette.  Are you hurt?”

She calmed, looking from the alien, to Ollie, and before she could fetch Clark she saw him coming over to assist the green figure on the tiles at her feet. Dick was there, offering his jacket to Ollie to cover the naked, shivering alien…and then Clark spoke to him.

"That’s J’onn?" she found her voice, as Ollie and Clark moved to carry him from the pool. "I-I didn’t know…"  Everyone was moving around, seemed to know more than she did about what was happening, since she’d been one of the last to regain consciousness.

"No, I’m not hurt, I don’t think," she told Dick, even as she rubbed the back of her head. He sounded so concerned, like he used to. His touch was comforting, too, with all the craziness happening around them. She almost forgot they weren’t together anymore.

Guy passed nearby, carrying Bruce over his shoulder and aided by Kate Spencer, and she saw Dick give a concerned look in his direction. Damian’s voice called out for Dick and Bruce.  ”Come on.  The Lanterns will fix him up…Damian is going to need you, Dick. You have to be there for him.” She took the hand squeezing her shoulder and pulled him towards the ladder to follow her cousin.

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*you have blacked out. when you wake up, you find yourself in a large enclosed space with all your League colleagues. you realize it is an outdoor empty swimming pool. you are dressed in plainclothes and no meta-powers are functioning*

She was laying on her side, squishing her arm that still held tight to her racquet. It dug painfully into her breast where she’d fallen on it - when had she fallen?  Voices - familiar, not the sounds of other players or her coach - she’d passed out on the court mid-practice, she must have…

Something heavy, cool but fleshy, lay across her bare thigh. And what was that awful smell??? She opened her eyes and was aware of another person next to her, laying on the ground…a face scarcely a foot from her own. Her blurred vision started to clear, her mind began to process what she was seeing.

It was an elongated face, inhuman, monster-like and green. Bette didn’t have time to scream fully, her voice making a quick and solitary gasp-cry of  alarm as she pushed herself away from the creature and scrambled back in a sitting position until her back struck the hard wall behind her, banging her head painfully in the process.  She could take in the full sight of it now: an alien, all green, long-limbed, a head resembling a praying mantis.

Beyond it and around them were her friends, the Justice League, and few if any seemed concerned about the presence of this creature she’d woken up next to, whose long arm had been draped over her leg.

A dozen questions raced through her mind, where, how, what, why, but at the top was who: she looked around for those dearest to her, hoping they were there with her, and that unlike some among them, that they were unhurt.  Her cousin, Kate, there she was, looking around for something. Damian was being seen to by Jason Blood…Bruce…oh G-d, he was vomiting water, but he was coughing. He was alive, and that meant he would be okay, because he had to be.  Kyle…he looked in rough shape, but Stephanie was with him, thank goodness for her nursing training.  

She found herself still scanning the people staggering about or rising to their feet as she caught her breath from her frightening awakening. Dick…where’s Dick?

Jumping to Illusions



She removed her goggles and undid her helmet to shake her head to let her blonde hair fall about her shoulders, and still catching her breath and coming down from her adrenaline high, she smiled up at him with rosy, wind-battered cheeks. “That was a beautiful dive you did, by the way! Great form, really aerodynamic for max speed!  But I’m afraid this must be so boring for you…I can do my other jumps some other time, if you prefer.”

As she looked at him, her face visibly changed from concerned to cocky. “You might like it more if you removed your ring and tried a jump the way us mere mortals do it…that is, if you think you’re up for that kind of challenge?” she raised her eyebrow, grinning wider. “I can even teach you some moves.  We could use boards, just set the parameters for a five-minute, consistent-pressure fall, like a vertical wind tunnel!”

Kyle shook his head. “No, no this is interesting watching you, trust me! You make it look easy, and I know it totally isn’t.  It’s not boring at all.  I knew what I was getting myself into, tagging along to watch,” Kyle grinned.

"Sooo what’d you think of your jump? It seemed pretty perfect, to me. Like textbook almost.  Is that what it’s gonna be like for real? I guess as long as the conditions are as stable as they are in the simulator, hah. But at least you got a lot of time to prepare and this is a positive start for sure. Are you gonna get into the Guinness Record book for this?" he teased.  Frankly he wasn’t even sure if that was still in print or valid anymore.  

"Well, it kind of was easy, really. That was sortof a warm-up, to start things off, take me back to the basics, right?  Diving from space…that will be a whole other level of extreme."

She looked back towards the centre of the HSR as she deactivated the simulation with a voice command.  The empty field around them, the breeze, the clouds overhead, even her parachute, all shimmered then vanished from existence. “As I continue training, I’ll be upping the ante, big time. Crosswinds, suit pressure leaks, all-out chute failures or entanglements, all kinds of emergency situations,” she nodded, “I have no intention of dying up there, during the real deal.  But I do hope to break some altitude records, actually, though admittedly I’ll only be able to do that because I’m going to get a meta do drop me rather than taking up a balloon, so…it’s sortof cheating, but it isn’t, see?”

She walked over to the control panel. “I’d do a HALO jump, but you’d be standing around for 30 minutes watching me breathe pure oxygen to flush the nitrogen from my body first so I didn’t get the bends, and without the pressure changes, there’s kind of no point in bothering simulating the rest.  I’ll do one from 22,000 feet, a bit of oxygen assist, and…let’s put in a rainstorm with unpredictable gusts of wind, just for shits and giggles.  And this time…I’m going to try to keep up with you, Kyle,” she winked.

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(Skypelog between themyscrianwonder, iwatchedherfall and bettekane)

Bette was alone in the Treehouse, and was laying on the living room floor, doing stomach crunches while she watched CSI sideways.  ”Oh, how can you miss the blood splatter void?” she chided the TV, “It’s so obvious even an Arrow could spot that!”

Kate fell through the doors of the elevator, laughing happily. “Sounds like it, baby. Oh, hey, Betts,” she grinned, wrapping her arm firmly around Diana’s waist. “How’s your day been?”

Her cousin didn’t stop the crunches, but grabbed the remote and managed to turn off the TV without breaking rhythm. “Hey guys!” her head popped in and out of sight from behind the coffee table as she continued her sit-ups. “Not bad! …Monitor duty… talked to Dick… used the HSR… you guys?”

She turned to grin widely at Diana. “Oh, nothing major, you know. Played a show, Di got to watch. Got engaged. The usual,” she hummed, pressing a kiss to Diana’s cheek as she tugged her over to collapse onto the couch. “Oh, and we got burgers.”

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Why can't you help her?

I never said I couldn’t help Diana.

I said I couldn’t help but admire Diana!